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Mentalism Secrets - Reading From Lips


Mentalism Secrets - Reading From Lips

You Will Learn How To Learn Reading From Lips Tips

Reading From Lips

If you ask a person to think of any word, thing or name. And you tell them to repeat it in your head a lot at the same time you can see that they are using the magnifying glass.The secret is to ask them to think about the word, and while they are focusing on repeating the word in their mind, you are communicating with the person in the observation process.Speak unambiguous quotes when speaking.A person must actually focus on the word he invented, and then he thinks more and more about the and the more and more, then you can understand what it is through the word.Of course, this mentality should be practiced for quite some time, and it is not a very easy technique you can learn in a few days.But as time goes by, you will have the technique.And the most important thing to note is the letters of the first and last words.

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